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1592Lode RunnerBroderbund0000000.00000
1518Little Puff in DragonlandCartoon Time015026-012970
1474Leer BridgeBridgesoft000000-000000
1420Lazer ForceCode Masters015026-010457
1404Laser ZoneLlamasoft000000-000000
1358Las Vegas Video PokerEntertainment USA012967-600198
1355Leader BoardEaglesoft000000-000000
1247Leather Goddesses of PhobosInfocom051051-001320
1238Livingstone I presumeAlligata012625-030459
1231Leisure Genius PresentsLeisure Genius000000-000000
1106Lords of ConquestElectronic Arts000000-000000
1102Live and Let DieDomark000000-000000
1067Laser SquadBlade017898-890045
1066Lords of ChaosBlade017898-140126
1031LeviathanEnglish Software013696-000235
999Lotus Esprit Turbo ChallengeGremlin013658-031895
971Little Green ManBug Byte013248-000997
907Law of the WestAackosoft000000-000000
569Little Computer PeopleActivision047875-044126
485Lode RunnerAriolasoft000000-000000
461Licence to KillDomark781851-603671
399Lift Off with Space ShuttleMicrodeal000000-000000
373Law of the WestAccolade013442-531051
353Last Ninja RemixSystem 3020573-200039
352Last Ninja 2 (Limited Edition)System 3047875-044737
347Last Ninja 3System 3020573-300036
306L.A. CrackdownEpyx080561-000279
255LancelotLevel 9780948-104084
163Leaderboard Tournament Cassette #1U.S. Gold013442-535912
125Last NinjaSystem 3047875-044712
58LethalAlternative Software015103-871988
40Los Angeles SWATEntertainment USA012967-100223