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820The President Is MissingCosmi022787-064387
1364The President is MissingCosmi017459-034017
903The Pettigrew ChroniclesShards Software000000-000000
1104The PawnRainbird012439-006039
575The Pace! ProgramPractical Programs000000-000000
298The Official Father ChristmasAlternative Software015103-778614
688The Newzealand StoryOcean013156-111969
391The New Thriller PackPrism Leisure014293-047197
1538The Neverending StoryOcean013156-020056
926The MuncherGremlin013658-031260
1047The Movie Monster GameEpyx013442-530085
666The MatchCult017350-001125
1101The Living DaylightsDomark781851-601202
1219The Lineker CollectionKixx013442-552735
1478The Legend of the Amazon WomenEaglesoft000000-000000
1381The Ket TrilogyIncentive Software012968-030161
1137The HelmFirebird012439-000341
388The Great Giana SistersRainbow Arts013442-543085
386The Great EscapeOcean013156-010187
1164The Games Summer EditionEpyx013442-536063
301The Games - Winter EditionEpyx080561-000274
1212The French MistressKosmos000000-000000
24The ForceMind Games000000-000000
398The FlintstonesGrandslam013248-001079
774The Faery Tale AdventureMicro Illusions025998-042001
1190The EidolonActivision047875-044135
1545The DungeonsAnirog000000-000000
519The Duel - Test Drive IIAccolade015605-059412
1311The Duel - Test Drive IIAccolade015605-059034
525The Dolphin's RuneMindscape050047-085125
261The DetectiveArgus Press013248-000089
616The Dam BustersU.S. Gold000000-000000
1520The Curse of SherwoodMastertronic012967-100308
743The Comet GameFirebird012439-002451
724The CaptiveMastertronic000000-000000
605The California RaisinsBox Office030817-031200
1012The Blues BrothersTitus417240-421576
1484The Big DealRadarsoft013538-526671
1378The Bard's Tale Volume 1 - Tales of the UnknownElectronic Arts000000-000000
1500The Bard's Tale III - Thief of FateElectronic Arts014633-001503
1573The Bard's Tale II - The Destiny KnightElectronic Arts015839-022418
1399The Bard's Tale II - The Destiny KnightElectronic Arts000000-000000
1572The Bard's Tale - Tales of the UnknownElectronic Arts015839-010415
475The Armageddon ManMartech000000-000000
1504The Arc of YesodThor012374-001502
224The Amazing Spider-man and Captain America in Dr. Doom's Revenge!Empire000000-000000
102The 5th QuadrantRicochet012967-400644
1561The $100,000 PyramidBox Office030817-031100

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