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377Star Wars - Return of the JediDomark781851-603441
68Star TrekCommodore000000-000000
1565Star Rank Boxing IIGamestar019031-023513
155Star Raiders IIElectric Dreams047875-044617
108Star PawsSoftware Projects000000-000000
309Star League Baseball and On-Field FootballActivision047875-042304
1282Star Force FighterMastertronic012967-100988
963Star ControlAccolade015605-050910
969Stack UpZeppelin Games016414-023011
797Spy vs Spy III - Arctic AnticsHi Tec Software019393-900298
285Spy vs Spy - The Island CaperEDOS000000-000000
1156Spy vs SpyAackosoft000000-000000
416Spy vs SpyBeyond012382-000160
1556Spy HunterSega000000-000000
1221Sporting GoldEpyx013442-549803
1152SporeBulldog Software012967-100735
269Spooky CastleEDOS000000-000000
94Split PersonalitiesDomark781851-600335
567Spitfire AceMicroprose000000-000000
498Spitfire 40Aackosoft000000-000000
483Spitfire '40'Alternative Software015103-893485
222Spirit of the StonesCommodore043467-002127
44Spirates / SnowmenCommodore000000-000000
1578SpindizzyElectric Dreams047875-043606
478Spiky HaroldFirebird012439-000792
787Spike in TransilvaniaCode Masters015026-014622
1443Spider (Arac)Addictive000000-000000
1037SphericalRainbow Arts005209-000307
831Spellbound DizzyCode Masters015026-016657
33SpellboundM.A.D. Games012967-110031
1447SpeedballImage Works000000-000000
978Speed ZoneMastertronic012967-101305
1375Speed KingDigital Integration012634-000122
1475Spaghetti WesternEDOS000000-000000
1458Space TunnelSparklers013447-000538
305Space Station OblivionEpyx080561-000368
265Space RogueOrigin017814-076230
1168Space Rider Jet Pack Co.Hi Tec Software019393-890162
180Space PirateOmega000000-000000
1485Space PilotAnirog000000-000000
1441Space HunterMastertronic012967-100919
404Space Harrier IISega013248-002724
1088Space HarrierSega010086-011202
283Space HarrierEDOS000000-000000
335Space GunOcean013156-016875
687Space CrusadeGremlin013658-032823

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