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133Winter GamesEpyx000000-000000
197Quintic WarriorQuicksilva000000-000000
229Mike Read's Computer Pop QuizOcean000000-000000
741Baltic 1985 - Corridor to BerlinSSI000000-000000
1157Bad CatRainbow Arts000000-000000
5Heroes of KarnInterceptor Software000000-000000
805Silent ServiceMicroprose000000-000000
421Hideous Bill and the Gi-GantsVirgin Games000000-000000
37CF Powerpack #31Commodore Format000000-000000
453Combat LeaderU.S. Gold000000-000000
485Lode RunnerAriolasoft000000-000000
130Beach-Head IIU.S. Gold000000-000000
194Horace Goes SkiingMelbourne House000000-000000
1378The Bard's Tale Volume 1 - Tales of the UnknownElectronic Arts000000-000000
994Ultima III - ExodusOrigin000000-000000
610Attack of the Mutant CamelsLlamasoft000000-000000
1474Leer BridgeBridgesoft000000-000000
1091Super SkiEDOS000000-000000
1154Oil's WellAackosoft000000-000000
1570Zone 7Radarsoft000000-000000
1186Banana DramaVisions000000-000000
575The Pace! ProgramPractical Programs000000-000000
607Rocket BallIJK Software000000-000000
703Hover BovverLlamasoft000000-000000
735Hell GateLlamasoft000000-000000
767Pit Fighter / Super Space InvadersDomark000000-000000
1567Rescue 17Radarsoft000000-000000
1183GridtrapLive Wire000000-000000
31Army DaysMindscape000000-000000
508FairlightThe Edge000000-000000
1340Edd the Duck!Impulze000000-000000
220CrashBart Smit Software000000-000000
1404Laser ZoneLlamasoft000000-000000
1436Buck Rogers - Planet of ZoomSega000000-000000
284Scooby DooEDOS000000-000000
1085F-15 Strike EagleMicroprose000000-000000
1116Frederick Forsyth - The Fourth ProtocolCentury Communications LTD000000-000000
1564Koronis RiftEpyx000000-000000
1212The French MistressKosmos000000-000000
828Gridrunner II - Attack of the Mutant CamelsHesWare000000-000000
860Ant AttackQuicksilva000000-000000
505The Tengen TrilogyDomark000000-000000

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