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13GiantsU.S. Gold013442-542040
120Dragons of FlameU.S. Gold013442-548035
126Out RunU.S. Gold013442-536254
127ESWATU.S. Gold013442-548158
130Beach-Head IIU.S. Gold000000-000000
132Ace of AcesU.S. Gold013442-535851
134Congo BongoU.S. Gold000000-000000
141Crystal CastlesU.S. Gold013442-535752
148Turbo OutrunU.S. Gold013442-546420
150Indiana Jones and the Last CrusadeU.S. Gold013442-544334
151Solo FlightU.S. Gold000000-000000
163Leaderboard Tournament Cassette #1U.S. Gold013442-535912
182MoonwalkerU.S. Gold013442-546246
233MetrocrossU.S. Gold013442-538029
250Crack DownU.S. Gold013442-546086
336Alien StormU.S. Gold013442-537435
340Bonanza Bros.U.S. Gold013442-540398
358StriderU.S. Gold013442-544822
395KaylethU.S. Gold013442-535950
405Chicago 30'sU.S. Gold013442-539927
408Dynasty WarsU.S. Gold013442-547236
453Combat LeaderU.S. Gold000000-000000
492Ace of AcesU.S. Gold013442-535844
588Street Fighter IIU.S. Gold013442-554340
614Super HueyU.S. Gold000000-000000
616The Dam BustersU.S. Gold000000-000000
633Epyx ActionU.S. Gold013442-545126
634No LimitsU.S. Gold000000-000000
686Crystal CastlesU.S. Gold013442-535769
693E-MotionU.S. Gold013442-546048
706Return to OzU.S. Gold013442-531174
709World Class LeaderboardU.S. Gold013442-534991
737BreakthruU.S. Gold013442-534038
762MercsU.S. Gold013442-551585
765E-MotionU.S. Gold013442-546024
780Italy 1990U.S. Gold013442-545683
804Desolator - Halls of KairosU.S. Gold013442-541562
806Psycho Pigs UXBU.S. Gold014334-543924
864GauntletU.S. Gold013442-534137
865InfiltratorU.S. Gold013442-530177
891Chip's ChallengeU.S. Gold013442-548684
92210th FrameU.S. Gold013442-533970
931Superstar Ping PongU.S. Gold013442-535653
940Thunder BladeU.S. Gold013442-542156
1024Solomon's KeyU.S. Gold013442-538838
1029Road RunnerU.S. Gold013442-538616
1080Gauntlet III - The Final QuestU.S. Gold013442-537442
1092Out Run EuropaU.S. Gold013442-549230
1100EchelonU.S. Gold013442-542781
1237Turbo OutrunU.S. Gold013442-546420

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