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843Frank Bruno's World Championship BoxingEDOS000000-000000
842Beyond the Ice PalaceEDOS000000-000000
841Advanced Pinball SimulatorEDOS000000-000000
839Airwolf 2EDOS000000-000000
838Dragon's LairEDOS000000-000000
837Conflicts 2PSS012484-000785
836Bubble GhostERE International329720-000518
835Road Runner and Wile E. CoyoteHi Tec Software019393-911607
834Murray Mouse SupercopCode Masters015026-016381
833Mean MachineCode Masters015026-015032
832Fantasy World DizzyCode Masters015026-012703
831Spellbound DizzyCode Masters015026-016657
830Magicland DizzyCode Masters015026-013762
828Gridrunner II - Attack of the Mutant CamelsHesWare000000-000000
827Summer Games IIEpyx013442-530757
826DeathscapeStarlight Software013538-527173
825Football ManagerAddictive013817-010020
823Card SharksShare Data084895-011194
822WipeoutShare Data084895-011202
821World Cup SoccerShare Data084895-011174
820The President Is MissingCosmi022787-064387
819Grave YardageActivision047875-054220
817Destroyer EscortMicroplay Software019703-010220
815Ardok The BarbarianUXB087659-000242
814Pocket RocketsCapcom013388-022020
813Forgotten WorldsCapcom013388-022017
812MediatorCelery Software022787-032778
811NightfighterMain Street800720-694011
809Kung Fu II - Sticks of DeathUXB000000-000000
808Task IIIDatabyte015008-321410
807Bubble GhostERE International329720-000525
806Psycho Pigs UXBU.S. Gold014334-543924
805Silent ServiceMicroprose000000-000000
804Desolator - Halls of KairosU.S. Gold013442-541562
803American Tag-Team WrestlingZeppelin Games016414-043309
802Tales of the CatBudgie012625-183032
800Fist FighterZeppelin Games016414-100248
798Chevy ChaseHi Tec Software019393-911447
797Spy vs Spy III - Arctic AnticsHi Tec Software019393-900298
796Pub Trivia SimulatorCode Masters015026-012475
795Captain DynamoCode Masters015026-017012
794Pro Powerboat SimulatorCode Masters015026-011898

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