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743The Comet GameFirebird012439-002451
742Volleyball SimulatorTime Warp003047-000480
741Baltic 1985 - Corridor to BerlinSSI000000-000000
740Flying SharkFirebird012439-011149
739Blood ValleyGremlin013658-030690
738Foxx Fights BackImage Works012342-120501
737BreakthruU.S. Gold013442-534038
736Dan Dare - Pilot of the FutureVirgin Games013715-060219
735Hell GateLlamasoft000000-000000
734Trollie WallieInterceptor Software000000-000000
732IK+System 3047875-044713
731Ultimate GolfGHB013658-032427
730Tie BreakOcean013156-014680
729The Tolkien TrilogyBeau Jolly013083-007007
728Kick Off 2Anco012717-002029
725De WedstrijdMCN000000-000000
724The CaptiveMastertronic000000-000000
723Molecule ManMastertronic012967-100209
722Rigel's RevengeBulldog Software012967-100728
720De AntagonistenWolters Kluwer000000-000000
719Bump, Set, Spike!Entertainment USA012967-100094
717Time TravellerMindscape000000-000000
716Archon II: AdeptAriolasoft013538-120220
715Energy WarriorM.A.D. Games012967-110260
714Horoscoop '64MCN000000-000000
713Dinky DooSoftware Projects000000-000000
712Blaze OutOcean000000-000000
711BlasteroidsImage Works012342-999190
710Time MachineVivid Image Developments047875-043114
709World Class LeaderboardU.S. Gold013442-534991
708Cecco CollectionHewson012635-650371
707Professional Snooker SimulatorCode Masters015026-010723
706Return to OzU.S. Gold013442-531174
705Mystery of the NileFirebird012439-002932
704Mind ControlAce000000-000000
703Hover BovverLlamasoft000000-000000
702Siren CityInterceptor Software000000-000000
701Frogger 64Interceptor Software000000-000000
699Tass Times in TonetownActivision047875-043142
698Buck Rogers - Countdown to DoomsdaySSI016685-005135
697Super Seymour Saves the PlanetCode Masters015026-015445
695Hyper BikerSoft & Easy000000-000000

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