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593Crazy Cars 3Titus417240-400878
591Interdictor PilotSupersoft000000-000000
590Rommel Battles for North AfricaSSG000000-000000
589Fun School Spelling (Age 7 to Adult)Europress022497-100853
588Street Fighter IIU.S. Gold013442-554340
587Action ServiceInfogrames000000-000000
586Champions of KrynnSSI013442-545454
585Purple HeartCRL780854-012084
584Ikari WarriorsElite012189-020323
583Super ZaxxonSega013442-531556
582Hero QuestGremlin013658-032502
581Batman - The Caped CrusaderOcean013156-011320
579Shadow of the BeastOcean013156-015823
578Barbarian II - The Dungeon of DraxPalace Software013518-010916
577Fighter BomberActivision047875-044101
576Ultima V - Warriors of DestinyOrigin015661-031053
575The Pace! ProgramPractical Programs000000-000000
574Cave FighterBubble Bus012337-111026
573Voetbal ManagerAddictive000000-000000
572Off the HookElectric Dreams047875-044690
571A View to a KillDomark781851-600021
570Congo BongoSega000000-000000
569Little Computer PeopleActivision047875-044126
568Quest for the Garden of EdenPhoenix000000-000000
567Spitfire AceMicroprose000000-000000
566Schiphol LuchtverkeersleiderHewson000000-000000
563Murder off MiamiCRL780854-010721
562Toy BizarreActivision047875-044005
561Fort ApocalypseSynsoft000000-000000
560Jump JetAnirog000000-000000
559Room TenCRL780854-010585
558Highway EncounterGremlin013658-030164
557Sky RunnerCascade Games013913-000086
556Trivial Pursuit - Baby Boomer EditionDomark781851-600595
555Trivial Pursuit - Commodore-Genus EditionDomark781851-600403
554Shoot'Em-Up Construction KitOutlaw013518-020014
553BarbarianPalace Software013518-010558
552Black MagicDatasoft013442-538081
551Yes Prime MinisterMosaic Bookware780946-855872
550RISKLeisure Genius045822-000740
549Computer ScrabbleLeisure Genius045822-000020
548MonopolyLeisure Genius045822-000120
547Storm Across EuropeSSI016685-005124
544Night RaiderGremlin013658-030959

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