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493Willow PatternFirebird012439-003090
492Ace of AcesU.S. Gold013442-535844
491Pitfall II - The Lost CavernsActivision047875-044007
490Scramble SpiritsGrandslam013248-003134
489Super HueyAudiogenic000000-000000
488Bazooka BillEaglesoft000000-000000
487Airborne RangerMicroprose000000-000000
486Summer CampKixx013442-552285
485Lode RunnerAriolasoft000000-000000
484Galactic GamesAlternative Software015103-779215
483Spitfire '40'Alternative Software015103-893485
482Scooby-Doo and Scrappy-DooHi Tec Software019393-911201
481Triple Decker 4Alternative Software015103-871728
480The PrinceFirebird012439-001072
479Raging BeastFirebird012439-000518
478Spiky HaroldFirebird012439-000792
477BMX KidzFirebird012439-010142
476Hyper BlobFirebird012439-010401
475The Armageddon ManMartech000000-000000
474Acro JetMicroprose000000-000000
473Solo FlightMicroprose015352-034042
472Dragon SpiritDomark781851-603961
471James Pond 2: RobocodMillennium016012-001053
469Smash T.V.Ocean013156-016264
468Predator 2Image Works020026-910096
467Sonic BoomActivision047875-044111
466The Staff of KarnathUltimate000000-000000
465Gremlins 2Elite012189-030643
464The Simpsons - Bart vs. the Space MutantsOcean013156-016349
463Back to the Future IIIImage Works020026-900882
462Greyfell - The Legend of NormanStarlight Software013538-527166
461Licence to KillDomark781851-603671
460Jet Bike SimulatorCode Masters015026-110959
459Jail BreakKonami015173-200312
458PHM PegasusElectronic Arts015839-005411
457Death Wish 3Gremlin013658-030508
456Hellfire AttackMartech012753-002236
455Raid on Bungeling BayAackosoft000000-000000
453Combat LeaderU.S. Gold000000-000000
452Enigma ForceAackosoft000000-000000
451Gary Kitchen's GameMakerActivision047875-042128
450Beyond the Black HoleThe Software Toolworks024294-003496
449Super HueyCosmi022787-063055
448Butcher HillMastertronic052145-020131
447Summer ChallengeThunder Mountain050047-010327
446Pinehurst 2 - America's Famous Course1 Step Software000000-000000
445Rock 'n Roll StudioSpinnaker087659-000051
444Ivan 'Ironman' Stewart's Super Off RoadVirgin Masteronic052145-010012

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