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443Superman - The Strategy GameMain Street000000-000000
442Hat TrickCapcom013388-022007
441Ghosts 'n GoblinsCapcom013388-022002
440Circus CharlieAction City083717-026003
439Ten SpeedMastertronic052145-020088
438PlatoonData East013252-000113
437Potty PigeonCelery Software000000-000000
436Motor ManiaCelery Software000000-000000
434Superstar Ice HockeyMindscape050047-085333
433Ski or DieElectronic Arts014633-003842
431Footballer of the YearKixx013442-542491
430World Class LeaderboardKixx013442-544938
429Pitstop IIKixx013442-544297
428California GamesKixx013442-550434
426BC's Quest for TiresSoftware Projects000000-000000
425Paintbox SoftwarePixstik000000-000000
423Word WizardBubble Bus000000-000000
422Dan Dare - Pilot of the FutureRicochet012967-400781
421Hideous Bill and the Gi-GantsVirgin Games000000-000000
420Defender of the CrownMirrorsoft012342-770508
419Cloud KingdomsMillennium016012-000575
418Pipe Mania!Empire017783-000535
417Back to the Future IIImage Works020026-900202
416Spy vs SpyBeyond012382-000160
415Racing PackPrism Leisure014293-047777
414William WobblerWizard Computer Games000000-000000
413Tales of the Arabian NightsInterceptor Software000000-000000
412Rick Dangerous 2Microstyle018551-250053
411Ruff and Ready in the Space AdventureHi Tec Software019393-900502
410Yogi's Great EscapeHi Tec Software019393-900380
409Atom AntHi Tec Software019393-900564
408Dynasty WarsU.S. Gold013442-547236
407Trap DoorPiranha000000-000000
406Souls of DarkonTaskset012347-101116
405Chicago 30'sU.S. Gold013442-539927
404Space Harrier IISega013248-002724
403Mission OmegaMind Games013248-220135
402International KaratePrism Leisure014293-024303
401Snooker & PoolPrism Leisure000000-000000
400RebelVirgin Games013715-060271
399Lift Off with Space ShuttleMicrodeal000000-000000
398The FlintstonesGrandslam013248-001079
397Basil The Great Mouse DetectiveGremlin013658-030553
395KaylethU.S. Gold013442-535950
394Assault MachineNexus013442-530023

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