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343Teenage Mutant Hero TurtlesImage Works020026-900585
342Winter CampThalamus016213-901367
340Bonanza Bros.U.S. Gold013442-540398
339Metal Warrior TrilogySimon Quernhorst000000-000000
338RobozoneImage Works020026-910799
337Ghostbusters IIActivision047875-044108
336Alien StormU.S. Gold013442-537435
335Space GunOcean013156-016875
334Robocop 3Ocean013156-016738
333Robocop 2Ocean013156-015472
331Fire QuestThe Edge000000-000000
330Around the World in 80 DaysPandora013728-001216
329The Trading GameReelax Games013962-000150
328Silicon WarriorEpyx000000-000000
327Murder on the MississippiActivision047875-043137
326Buggy BoyEncore012189-300364
325Bombjack IIEncore012189-030162
323Real Stunt ExpertsWinner015103-778348
322Hellfire AttackWinner015103-777921
321Cowboy KidzByte Back018854-211072
320Seaside SpecialTaskset012347-100812
319Defenders of the EarthHi Tec Software019393-910853
318Circus GamesKeypunch Software089839-021915
317Yak's ProgressLlamasoft012699-220152
316Nobby the AardvarkThalamus016213-901534
315Steel ThunderAccolade015605-058095
314Countdown to MeltdownM.A.D. Games012967-011055
313ATV SimulatorCode Masters015026-010600
312Guardian AngelCode Masters015026-013410
311CJ in the USACode Masters015026-015117
310Ninja MassacreCode Masters015026-011751
309Star League Baseball and On-Field FootballActivision047875-042304
308Judge DreddVirgin Games013715-060431
307Winter Supersports '92Flair Software021423-050002
306L.A. CrackdownEpyx080561-000279
305Space Station OblivionEpyx080561-000368
304Metro CrossEpyx080561-000284
302Street Sports SoccerEpyx080561-000278
301The Games - Winter EditionEpyx080561-000274
300Ace 2088Summit Software015103-778737
299Sooty & SweepAlternative Software015103-778645
298The Official Father ChristmasAlternative Software015103-778614
297Pro Mountainbike SimulatorAlternative Software015103-778300
296Operation HormuzAlternative Software015103-779338
295Aliens (US Version)Alternative Software015103-778591
294Popeye 2Alternative Software015103-779635

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