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243Slightly MagicCode Masters015026-014943
242Hunt for Red OctoberGrandslam013248-000669
241Super Wonder BoyActivision047875-043103
240Gateway to ApshaiEpyx000000-000000
239Temple of ApshaiEpyx000000-000000
238Indiana Jones in the Lost KingdomMindscape050047-085124
237Night Mission PinballsubLogic034161-000095
235Agent X IIMastertronic012967-100506
234Park PatrolFirebird012439-001119
233MetrocrossU.S. Gold013442-538029
232Track & FieldKonami015173-400316
230Kick OffSoft & Easy000000-000000
229Mike Read's Computer Pop QuizOcean000000-000000
228Return of the Space WarriorThe Power House781852-880248
227Way of the TigerKixx013442-542323
226Winter CampThalamus016213-901374
225Shadow WarriorsOcean013156-014383
224The Amazing Spider-man and Captain America in Dr. Doom's Revenge!Empire000000-000000
223Hong Kong PhooeyHi Tec Software019393-900441
222Spirit of the StonesCommodore043467-002127
221Gortek and the MicrochipsCommodore000000-000000
220CrashBart Smit Software000000-000000
219MunchyBart Smit Software000000-000000
218ExterminatorSoft & Easy000000-000000
217Night RiderBart Smit Software000000-000000
216Rally DriverAlternative Software015103-871902
213TriadLive Wire000000-000000
212Krystals of ZongSoft & Easy000000-000000
211SAS Combat SimulatorCode Masters015026-011690
210Monster Munch!Atlantis000000-000000
209DestructPower House781852-881085
208City AttakK-Tel000000-000000
206It's only Rock 'n' RollK-Tel000000-000000
205Wegwijs op uw Commodore 64MCN000000-000000
204Bumping BuggysSoft & Easy000000-000000
203SerpentineBart Smit Software000000-000000
202Voetbal 64Greens Software000000-000000
201Jet Set WillySoftware Projects000000-000000
200Dragon StrikeSSI016685-005131
198Gribbly's Day OutRack It012635-040486
197Quintic WarriorQuicksilva000000-000000
196Jumpin JackLive Wire000000-000000
195Chuckie EggPick & Choose018647-000029
194Horace Goes SkiingMelbourne House000000-000000

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