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192Postman Pat 2Alternative Software015103-778720
191Huxley PigAlternative Software015103-779604
190Tazz - Triple Decker 3Alternative Software015103-871537
189Kwik SnaxCode Masters015026-013694
188Jinn GenieMicromega012475-008011
187GuttblasterVa Holding000000-000000
185HustlerSoft & Easy000000-000000
184North & SouthInfogrames329720-004523
183Humpty Dumpty & Cock RobinCommodore043467-002203
182MoonwalkerU.S. Gold013442-546246
181Alternate Reality: The CityAmerican Grandslam000000-000000
180Space PirateOmega000000-000000
179Golf MasterRack It012635-040509
178Bunny ZapKrypton Force000000-000000
177River RescueAlternative Software015103-871506
176Galdregon's DomainPlayers000000-000000
175Bubble DizzyCode Masters015026-015896
174Super Robin HoodCode Masters015026-010310
173Jocky Wilson's Darts ChallengeZeppelin Games016414-020447
172The PyramidFantasy Software000000-000000
171Brian BloodaxeThe Edge000000-000000
170Warrior IINexus014377-000087
169Assault MachineNexus014377-000063
168Dan Dare III - The EscapeVirgin Games000000-000000
167Football Manager 2Addictive014293-030403
166FiretrackElectric Dreams047875-044616
164Uchi MataMartech012753-000805
163Leaderboard Tournament Cassette #1U.S. Gold013442-535912
161Mega PackPrism Leisure014293-046473
160Azimuth Head Alignment TapeInterceptor Software000000-000000
159Addicta BallAlligata012625-030466
158Bazooka BillArcade780867-594003
157FiretrapData East047875-044623
156Into the Eagles NestPandora013728-000592
155Star Raiders IIElectric Dreams047875-044617
154Space BikeImpressions018377-550856
152Pub GamesGremlin012625-030329
151Solo FlightU.S. Gold000000-000000
150Indiana Jones and the Last CrusadeU.S. Gold013442-544334
148Turbo OutrunU.S. Gold013442-546420
147ExplorerElectric Dreams047875-044615
146Strike Force: CobraUXB087659-000053
145Bubble GhostAccolade015605-058032
144SDI - Now the odds are evenActivision047875-044301

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