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2Footballer of the YearGremlin013658-030195
3Combat SchoolOcean013156-011924
4Danger Mouse in Double TroubleCreative Sparks000000-000000
5Heroes of KarnInterceptor Software000000-000000
6Crazy Cars IITitus334730-400517
8Championship WrestlingEpyx013442-534199
9Project FirestartElectronic Arts014633-001406
10Rainbow IslandsOcean013156-014116
11Navy SealsOcean013156-015380
13GiantsU.S. Gold013442-542040
14Operation WolfOcean013156-112393
15Arcade ClassicsFirebird012439-010098
16Rick DangerousKixx013442-537848
17Boulder Dash II - Rockford's RevengeAackosoft000000-000000
18ProtiumAlternative Software015103-871940
19Treasure Island DizzyCode Masters015026-012000
20Dizzy PanicCode Masters015026-014929
22XenonMelbourne House015901-400083
23BarbarianMelbourne House015901-500066
24The ForceMind Games000000-000000
25Double Dragon II - The RevengeVirgin Games013715-066402
26Street HassleMelbourne House015901-400007
28Bobby BearingThe Edge012034-006014
31Army DaysMindscape000000-000000
32Milk RaceMastertronic012967-100476
33SpellboundM.A.D. Games012967-110031
34Way of the Exploding FistRicochet012967-400415
35Toy BizarreRicochet012967-101312
36QuasarVoyager Software000000-000000
37CF Powerpack #31Commodore Format000000-000000
38Wonder BoyHit Squad013156-411083
39Night RacerMastertronic012967-101503
40Los Angeles SWATEntertainment USA012967-100223
41Mr. WimpyOcean000000-000000
42CF Powerpack #30Commodore Format000000-000000
43Dragon's LairEncore012189-300432
44Spirates / SnowmenCommodore000000-000000
45Commodore Force Reel Action #29Commodore Force000000-000000
46Thunder BladeKixx000000-000000
47Front LineInterceptor Software000000-000000
49Jack Nicklaus' Greatest 18 holes of Major Championship GolfHit Squad013156-413087

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