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1593Joe Gunn Gold EditionCRONOSOFT0000000.00000
1592Lode RunnerBroderbund0000000.00000
1591Mayhem In Monsterland TapeApex Computer Productions000000.000000
1590Mayhem In Monsterland 15th Anniversary Edition DiskInfinite Lives000000.000000
1589Viking RaiderInterphase000000-000000
1588Danse MacabreFunlight Software000000-000000
1587Commodore 85 Computer ShowInterceptor Software000000-000000
1586The Railroad WorksCBS Software027518-50290
1584River RaidActivision047875-44008
1583ARCADE Game Construction Kitbroderbund047956-126309
1582BC II Grogs's Revenge Sierra ON-LINE INC000000-000000
1581Knock Out!Alligata012625-030268
1580Mr. AngryCode Masters015026-010044
1579X-15 Alpha MissionAbsolute Entertainment000000-000000
1578SpindizzyElectric Dreams047875-043606
1577The Sacred Armour of AntiriadPalace Software013518-010367
1576Clever & SmartMagic Bytes000000-000000
1575Realm of ImpossibilityElectronic Arts000000-000000
1574Stunt FlyerAackosoft000000-000000
1573The Bard's Tale II - The Destiny KnightElectronic Arts015839-022418
1572The Bard's Tale - Tales of the UnknownElectronic Arts015839-010415
1571SupremacyVirgin Masteronic013715-060547
1570Zone 7Radarsoft000000-000000
1567Rescue 17Radarsoft000000-000000
1566Howard the DuckActivision047875-042145
1565Star Rank Boxing IIGamestar019031-023513
1564Koronis RiftEpyx000000-000000
1562Phantasie IISSI000000-000000
1561The $100,000 PyramidBox Office030817-031100
1560DB Boeder Public-Domain SoftwareDB Boeder000000-000000
1559Het Mysterie van Arendarvon CastleAddison-Wesley000000-000000
1558Manic MinerSoftware Projects000000-000000
1557Super DogfightTerminal Software000000-000000
1556Spy HunterSega000000-000000
1555Rebel PlanetU.S. Gold013442-530764
1554Falcon Patrol 2Virgin Games000000-000000
1553GyroscopeMelbourne House780861-616657
1552NinjaEntertainment USA012967-110079
1551Everyone's a WallySparklers013447-000699
1550Pinball WizardCP Software000000-000000
1549VampireCode Masters015026-010341
1548TiltCode Masters015026-013496
1547Big Nose's American AdventureCode Masters015026-016367
1545The DungeonsAnirog000000-000000
1544Pogostick OlympicsSilverbird012439-011231

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