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370ZZap! Sizzlers 4ZZap!013658-013013
173Jocky Wilson's Darts ChallengeZeppelin Games016414-020447
1185ArnieZeppelin Games016414-023400
969Stack UpZeppelin Games016414-023011
803American Tag-Team WrestlingZeppelin Games016414-043309
800Fist FighterZeppelin Games016414-100248
656Titanic BlinkyZeppelin Games016414-023479
752Code-woordWolters Software000000-000000
720De AntagonistenWolters Kluwer000000-000000
414William WobblerWizard Computer Games000000-000000
323Real Stunt ExpertsWinner015103-778348
322Hellfire AttackWinner015103-777921
36QuasarVoyager Software000000-000000
710Time MachineVivid Image Developments047875-043114
349HammerfistVivid Image Developments000000-000000
628First SamuraiVivid Image Developments307211-005761
1186Banana DramaVisions000000-000000
1571SupremacyVirgin Masteronic013715-060547
444Ivan 'Ironman' Stewart's Super Off RoadVirgin Masteronic052145-010012
650StrangeloopVirgin Games000000-000000
106Dan Dare II - Mekon's RevengeVirgin Games013715-060325
638Rolling RonnyVirgin Games513715-060561
1112ShogunVirgin Games013715-060158
856Gemini WingVirgin Games013715-060356
1554Falcon Patrol 2Virgin Games000000-000000
684Gates of DawnVirgin Games000000-000000
99Falcon - The Renegade LordVirgin Games013715-060240
736Dan Dare - Pilot of the FutureVirgin Games013715-060219
96Golden AxeVirgin Games013715-060523
890VizVirgin Games000000-000000
308Judge DreddVirgin Games013715-060431
168Dan Dare III - The EscapeVirgin Games000000-000000
421Hideous Bill and the Gi-GantsVirgin Games000000-000000
25Double Dragon II - The RevengeVirgin Games013715-066402
857ShinobiVirgin Games013715-060363
400RebelVirgin Games013715-060271
1204Gateway to ApshaiValue-U-Line080561-000166
187GuttblasterVa Holding000000-000000
146Strike Force: CobraUXB087659-000053
815Ardok The BarbarianUXB087659-000242
809Kung Fu II - Sticks of DeathUXB000000-000000
466The Staff of KarnathUltimate000000-000000
951B.A.T.Ubi Soft008888-003826
1052Pick 'n PileUbi Soft307211-003644

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