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372Jack the RipperCRL780854-011384
360International SoccerCRL780854-012398
924NATO Assault CourseCRL780854-011834
563Murder off MiamiCRL780854-010721
4Danger Mouse in Double TroubleCreative Sparks000000-000000
1550Pinball WizardCP Software000000-000000
449Super HueyCosmi022787-063055
820The President Is MissingCosmi022787-064387
1364The President is MissingCosmi017459-034017
1288Forbidden ForestCosmi000000-000000
950Masters of TimeCosmi022787-031331
42CF Powerpack #30Commodore Format000000-000000
88CF Powerpack #17Commodore Format000000-000000
37CF Powerpack #31Commodore Format000000-000000
89CF Powerpack #09Commodore Format000000-000000
45Commodore Force Reel Action #29Commodore Force000000-000000
68Star TrekCommodore000000-000000
222Spirit of the StonesCommodore043467-002127
862International BasketballCommodore043467-002112
44Spirates / SnowmenCommodore000000-000000
221Gortek and the MicrochipsCommodore000000-000000
183Humpty Dumpty & Cock RobinCommodore043467-002203
1285Harbour AttackCommodore043467-002204
1421Rally Cross SimulatorCode Masters015026-011782
1549VampireCode Masters015026-010341
909International Rugby SimulatorCode Masters015026-010938
874Pro Skateboard SimulatorCode Masters015026-010884
1322DJ Puff's Volcanic CapersCode Masters015026-016770
1316BigfootCode Masters015026-012987
833Mean MachineCode Masters015026-015032
97Crystal Kingdom DizzyCode Masters015026-017326
1313Wild West SeymourCode Masters015026-017197
990Fruit Machine Simulator 2Code Masters015026-012949
1022Super Stunt ManCode Masters015026-011058
830Magicland DizzyCode Masters015026-013762
894ThunderboltCode Masters015026-010419
795Captain DynamoCode Masters015026-017012
923The Race Against TimeCode Masters015026-010945
312Guardian AngelCode Masters015026-013410
245CosmonutCode Masters015026-010440
1141Pro Tennis SimulatorCode Masters015026-011966
1138Fruit Machine SimulatorCode Masters015026-010471
786Arcade Flight SimulatorCode Masters015026-011737
914Miami ChaseCode Masters015026-015018
911Moto XCode Masters015026-011720
175Bubble DizzyCode Masters015026-015896

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