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1192Boulder DashStatesoft012294-000043
69Astro ChaseStatesoft012294-000012
1307RED L.E.D.Starlight Software013538-528125
826DeathscapeStarlight Software013538-527173
462Greyfell - The Legend of NormanStarlight Software013538-527166
1081Rings of MedusaStarbyte000000-000000
121510 Great Games 3Star Games013658-013259
781Gateway to the Savage FrontierSSI016685-005140
586Champions of KrynnSSI013442-545454
1496Roadwar EuropaSSI016685-005103
771Wargame Construction SetSSI000000-000000
547Storm Across EuropeSSI016685-005124
1089Tony LaRussa's Ultimate BaseballSSI016685-005141
698Buck Rogers - Countdown to DoomsdaySSI016685-005135
1562Phantasie IISSI000000-000000
535Secret of the Silver BladesSSI016685-005133
1454Typhoon of SteelSSI016685-005118
200Dragon StrikeSSI016685-005131
741Baltic 1985 - Corridor to BerlinSSI000000-000000
773Curse of the Azure BondsSSI016685-005122
901Death Knights of KrynnSSI016685-005137
534Pool of RadianceSSI016685-005113
1363Heroes of the LanceSSI013442-541678
1200Gemstone WarriorSSI000000-000000
1258Panzer BattlesSSG000000-000000
887Carriers at WarSSG000000-000000
590Rommel Battles for North AfricaSSG000000-000000
1507Indoor SportsSportTime014307-010049
445Rock 'n Roll StudioSpinnaker087659-000051
788Intrigue!Spectrum Holobyte085004-000410
1147Mad DoctorSparklers781851-104123
1458Space TunnelSparklers013447-000538
1455Monkey MagicSparklers013447-000330
1551Everyone's a WallySparklers013447-000699
1456White ViperSparklers781851-104130
426BC's Quest for TiresSoftware Projects000000-000000
123HysteriaSoftware Projects000000-000000
108Star PawsSoftware Projects000000-000000
201Jet Set WillySoftware Projects000000-000000
713Dinky DooSoftware Projects000000-000000
1126Crazy BalloonSoftware Projects000000-000000
1006Dragon's LairSoftware Projects000000-000000
1120Harvey Smith ShowjumperSoftware Projects012563-000378
1558Manic MinerSoftware Projects000000-000000

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